Whole Home Design Package - 2,200sf

Whole Home Design Package - 2,200sf


Each HomeStyled design package is good for a whole home design, including all of the rooms in your home (up to 2,200 sf) (excluding garage)

Upon purchase, you will be asked to fill out our 'New Project Intake Form' - after recieving your information, we will contact you via e-mail with your personal upload link.  This is where you will be able to upload photos of your existing space as well as a simple floor plan with measurements so that we can accurately plan your design.


* HOMEStyled packages are good for six months from date of purchase.



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The Fine Print

POLICIES & all that other fun stuff the lawyers make us put in...

We make every effort to ensure that you are thrilled with your design process and solution; however - we cannot warranty any items specified for your design, or product suggested from any entity.  ALL items selected for your design are done-so in good faith with the intent to be properly installed and implemented into your space(s).  We cannot guarantee the quality of items, nor the craftsmanship of items; as those shall be only guaranteed via the original supplier or manufacturer.  Because we are working from information you provide; no measurements of the existing space can be guaranteed by Canter Lane Interiors, and any items that do not properly fit your space(s) due to inaccurate exchange of information is the sole responsibility of you, the client.  

As the consumer, it is recommended that you follow ALL manufacturer instructions for items specified or recommended for your design package.  Any electrical or plumbing fixtures should be installed by a licensed professional.  


*If you choose to have Canter Lane Interiors purchase for you; you are doing so by utilizing us as a purchasing agen only, and once purchasing has been completed any returns, exchanges, or refunds shall be handled with assistance from Canter Lane Interiors through the manufacturer and/or original supplier with a good faith intent to address any issues, concerns, or problems.  Some items may not be returnable or exchangeable.