2017 Trends Report + CL's Color of the Year

The 2017 color of the year for Canter Lane, Cerise, is a rich & vivid hue.  We love this color because of its ability to act as a complement to just about any neutral or palette, as an accent.  As a stand alone color, we also love Cerise for its rich and delicious ode to summer ripened raspberries and historic fashion statements.  As pinks and reds go, we love this color for its ability to play on both sides of the red palette, with just enough deep tint to be elegant, yet just enough pink to be fresh and fun.  Play up Cerise in a boho space, or pair it with a neutral palette in fresh flowers or throw pillows.  No matter how you choose to add Cerise into your decor this year, the results are bound to be perfect!


Shelly Gerritsma